the shipping news

Here’s a few bits this morning.
New Moon Hooch album is out (do people still call them albums?). Check it out.
Daniel Rolnik Gallery opens in Santa Monica this Thursday.
Friday We will have a mini show featuring Scotty Albrecht here on the GH site.
Friday will also be a big day for me personally as I am going live with two new websites, don’t worry, GH will still be here. These are personal sites.
Scotty images, and more coming up here soon.

Oh… and shipping. Since Paypal has updated it’s look we have had a slew of people with their address’ not showing up when they order off the site. To further emhance this when i send emails to the address’ about half bounce.
So. SEAN… we need your address, a few others from newer orders as well. You can reach me at rainbowmaster at

it’s been a while

Boy oh boy. Dusting some cobwebs here. Been a little too long since the last post here. Summer’s been nice. Got a private hooligan coming out this friday. Happy end of Summer.

Mood Slayer

New killer this Friday. Mood Slayer!
Nice shimmery silver vinyl with Cherry, shot caller blue, red, and dark vader sprays, & neon pink hand painted eyes. Place this guy next to your bed for happy mellow nights sleep and waking up on the right side.
Retail is $28. These come packed in traditional bag and header.
Friday 10am pacific! Here-