Bwana Spoons & Friends at Cotton Candy Machine ~ Brooklyn… Tonight!!

Bwana Spoons & Friends at Cotton Candy Machine, Brooklyn NY

Bwana’s in New York tonight, as his show “Rolling Thunder” opens at Tara McPherson and Sean Leonard’s place in Brooklyn NY, Cotton Candy Machine. If you are in the Brooklyn area, go say Hi and wish him a Happy Birthday, from 7-11pm. It looks like Bwana’s going to be trashing the place with some friends… Scrappers, Martin Ontiveros, Kiyoshi Nakazawa, Alex Chiu, Tripper Dungan, Shawn Wolfe, Oliver Hibert, Arbito, Le Merde, Chanmen, Spencer Hibert, Ferris Plock, Uglydoll and APAK. It’s a PARTY!!

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