a few images of the new empty soon to be GH!




Here’s the big one. It’s official. Gh and floating world will be moving into a new space, one door over from our current space. The difference is. GH will get a tiny bit bigger and the space will be more usable. Big floor to ceiling store front windows on one of the busiest corners in portland. Our little viewing and surface area for the gallery wall will double, making it a viable gallery space again.

GH is now accepting donations of hanging plants and cacti, a nice electric miter saw, and driftwood.
Or if you see something you have been digging on for a while in the web shop now we could really use the help.
Katope art- the little that is left is about to get shipped back to japan, there are some really nice biskup pieces, and a wealth of other rad gems hiding in the shop.
GH is not a non profit. It is though, a labor of love. it’s been a fun side project that sometimes costs a lot of my time. The old space nearly gobbled me whole this time last year. The new space I’m moving into I think is the equilibrium I have been searching for between time sucker and good fun and art exploration.
I am pretty proud that Grass Hut has weathered this storm of ups and downs of economics. Hopefully all of you have learned about or had the opportunity to see or even meet a new artist through grass hut. I don’t think I talk about our mission too much as it’s always been pretty loose.
The mission is simple. Expose the pacific northwest, and the earth for that matter via the world wide web to amazing art and artists. Along the way have fun with old friends, meet new friends and with some hard work and a little luck give support to these art shredders.
Thanks to all of you for your continued support over the years. You are awesome. Stay tuned to here for progress and news about the move.
Happy new year.
Stay warm.

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