bye bye miss american pie

So this is no longer my home. prepare for some cobwebs here. Sad to see it go.

You can find me at & and still sometimes over at



Found 1 private hooligan. fixed it up in the shoppe

New bakerz Dozen Paint series is up.

go check out the shoppe section.


private Hooligan is up!


Private hooligan reporting for duty sir

This friday I have a new private hooligan coming out. More news on this soon.


Back home

Back from SDCC. Trucking along on Kickstarter gravy stuffs… but honestly moving a tad bit slow. Always takes a while to come down after SDCC. If you move tooo fast you get the bends. I have a few releases coming up this month. Next friday, the 8th i will have a painted Micro release. S&RBS will get first dibs on these. Member? And on the 29th I will release into the wild. Glow Painted Private Hooligan. His first painted release… and really his first release since his SDCC Debut was as a chase in the blind bags. I will also be doing my first Lonny, Quiller, and Kamisama customs as well. Uh…. Lonny if I finish the KS customs first. Otherwise Lonny will sit this round out.

Hope you are all having a summer blast!

Updated shoppe

Sold out of How High prints, & Flamingo Dingo Tapirs. Yellow Tapirs low stock, Mood Slayer Killer low stock, Intergalactic Boris. this took a while, but finally down to the very last one.

Getting real busy noodling away on SDCC stuff. Just two weeks away. Booth #5144!

Mood Slayer is UP. Happy 4th of Jully.

Don’t blow off your hand, the Puppy Killer Mood Slayer is up in the shop section now.

Shipping Department

PSA- I didn’t have a chance to get the tapirs clear coated until today… but now it seems a little too hot. I’m going to try and clear these late tonight after it cools down a bit. In any case. All the tapir orders will ship with the new Puppy Killers early next week. good news is that if you bought a tapir, and plan to pick up a killer this friday you’ll get free shipping on that killer. Discount taken after purchase as my website is old fashion. new one coming soon, really.

Mood Slayer

Thanks for the psot last week.
New killer this Friday. Mood Slayer!
Nice shimmery silver vinyl with Cherry, shot caller blue, red, and dark vader sprays, & neon pink hand painted eyes. Place this guy next to your bed for happy mellow nights sleep and waking up on the right side.
Retail is $28. These come packed in traditional bag and header.
Friday 10am pacific! Here-
Have an awesome week.

moodslayerstandingkillerheaderI will also have a small clutch of three custom killers this friday as well!