New print and Linework Northwest.


Got a new print today. A toy growth chart. pretty acurate. Use this to measure your toys. Plus. It’s kinda awesome.

thishigh02thishigh03Bonus points. If your in the pacific NW this saturday. Do not miss the very first linework NW. Jim Woodring, Michael DeForge, Esther Pearl Watson, Lori D, and a pretty big pile of other very talented artists/illustrators/comic nerds will be showing off and hawking their awesomeness. It’s from 2-9pm. I’ll be there with skatedecks, exclusive toys, this print and another exclusive printed treat. I’ll also be on a panel at 6:30pm with Jason Sturgill. How to make the big bucks while eating cookies in bed or something like that. Linework NW

It’s on!

Help me get Lonny made into a soft vinyl toy. Back this project and share it with your peeps.


Lonny and some other news bits

I know some have you have been asking about the Lonny kickstarter for my new Lonny toy, and there are now some big postcards promoting the kickstarter out there. But just hold your horses for just a tiny bit. I’m on the home stretch. And it should be anyday now. Fireworks in the sky will signal the launch. Just step outside your dwelling and look up into the night when you see the signal. Start dancing. Start helping (i’ll need it) either with Supporting the project by picking up a reward package at any level. Or sharing my kickstarter with somebody. In an ideal world you would do both. I know that there are some collectors out there that like to keep things secret. I understand that, it feels intimate when only you and a couple other special people know about something you like. I totally get that. But now is not that time. I need to shout this to the world so that not only Lonny gets made, but i can make the stretch goals and make some of Lonny and Jeff’s family! then later we can keep it all a secret again just between the two of us. Head over to the Gravy toys page on facebook to see a little extra something i am working on for the stretch goal.

More fun- This weekend. Friday and Saturday I will be at the Emerald City Comic Con sharing a booth with Drake Brodahl and friends. Hope to see you there. I’ll hunt for the booth number.

And… it’s not too soon to mention Linework NW. A curated one day convention for Illustrators. I’ll be there with bells on. April 12th? I know it’s soon.

Have a killer day

Nice nice white on black Killer tee. Prewashed, and using the ultimate in awesome- discharge ink. That means the image becomes part of the tee rather than sitting on top of the tee. In the shop section now.


The beast is up!

Just posted in the for sale section. Island Projects. The Beast of Ross Island.

Fractal Killers are Up!

Sorry for the delay. had a mild computer fail.

Fractal jelly Factory Killers and a bigfoot

friday at something o’clock I’ll release rootbeer w/silver and yellow spray, & golden honey with pink and brown spray fractal Jelly factory killers. These both have a light sparkle sheen to them. So just here during the day tomorrow. It’s kinda a hectic day and not sure when i will be ready to load’em up. I’ll also have the new Island Projects print The Beast of Ross Island up for sale. You can pick up the individual piece or go for the gold and get in on the print club! No pelicans today.



A little friday post and toast

First a toast to you. for all the rad support over the years. If you bought something or told somebody about my arts. this is for you. Cling! Shit, don’t break the glass. I realive there are a thousand hundred  kabillion pretty talented artists out there. So i am pretty stoked that you think I’m worth it. Anywhoo onto the post.

Working lots towards my gola of getting a lonny kickstarter going. want to do it right though so it’s taking me a bit.

Next Friday- peilcan mist. My first regular release of the rainbow billed pelican. Stay tuned early next week for some pics. these will be resin, and have some spray and handpaint elements. and if they aren’t too troublesome priced nice nice for you.

further down the road but maybe kinda soon. New killers are coming.

that is all. Have a great weekend.



The all new 2014 gizzard Tank

It’s up now in the shop section. a mean, lean hissing machine!

gizzard02 gizzard03 gizzard04 gizzard05

Island Projects


Island Projects

Art & Ecology by Bwana Spoons

Hi. My Name is Bwana Spoons. Welcome to my new series of arts based on the people, art, and wildlife of islands.

I was born and raised a California kid. Only the beginning and end points of my childhood were anywhere close to the coast, or water. Even putting my toes in the ocean was sketchy to me. I was just sure I would be eaten. I think this is where the excitement about islands began. I grew up so afraid of bridges that I swore I would never cross one once I was old enough to be on my own. Now I live in Portland Oregon. It’s not an island, but holy hell there are a lot of bridges here!

I have a fascination, or more like it, an obsession with islands, These tiny specs of land surrounded by the sea. Some of you know that I have an obsession with toys too. When I was 7, I had this starfish seashell nightlight, and this action figure with an Egyptian sarcophagus and glowing chest plate. Each night I would charge the figure’s chest with the night light as I fell asleep. I discovered my little action figure buddy had another friend. A similar figure in an Easter Island Moai case. I flipped out, and sparks flew when I discovered these Moai were real, ancient, massive statues on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacifc. My obsession with islands was set in stone.

So the works in this series will be meant to explore and share some of that obsession. Along the way, I am going to show you some really amazing places, artifacts, beasts big and small, and with a heap of goodluck, visit a few of these places for myself.

At the end of this print series, I’ll make a book ( or in the least, have a super powered artshow).

The focus of these works is two fold.

Make beautiful art, and raise awareness about the land and sea around us.

Island Projects begins with a print series.

From each print, piece of art, and event I will be donating 10% of all sales to a variety of charities. Focus on reef life, clean water, endangered speciies, and education will be re-accuring themes.

My hope is that over time I can get peoples eyes and brains honed in a bit more on the world around us.

Order a  print or two. Pass on this information, or join the Island Projects Print Club and reeep the benefits.

My first 10% will be going to the Easter Island Foundation. They help fund college scholarships for the indigenous peoples of Rapa Nui, provide endless resources about the island, and even helped build the local library on Rapa Nui.

To order prints or get in on the print club go to the shoppe section.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. I hope you enjoy and get a smile from the artwork in this series.

Have an awesome 2014.

Bwana Spoons.