Monthly Archive for October, 2012

20% tuesday funday saletime

One day funtimes saletime on everything! So yeah. 20 percent off everything here, not the main Gh site today only eh. rrr or tomorrow minus 1 hour and 2-3 minutes.

discount taken after sale as my websart nart smart. tuesday october 23.

customs galore friday

They up.

Scroll down to the bottom of the shop page eh!


11am for sars, noon public.

Also- cleaned up the shop a bit. Took some sold out bits outta there.

Rolling thunder and customs

Shiznipples are starting to roll for my show rolling thunder at cotton Candy Machine. and this week I’ll have some customs going up fer sale. Aaaand if yer in tokyo, i will have some work at T9G’s show this saturday.

Here’s some finished and not finished bits for Rolling thunder.

lotto good fun

this friday, saturday, and sunday- pick up anything from here or the main GH site and get entered into  lotto for a free blank boris, micro killer, and a few other goodies.

scroll up scroll down scroll all around

in the shop section. More goodies added. Even more new stuff over on the main Gh site too. It’s spooky week two.

Gonna spend a few minutes cleaning up some old junk too.

some new awesomeness.

I haven’t been putting too much up here lately in the shop section. Scroll both high and low for gems. Put up a small load of customs though and there is more coming, some paintings, more customs, and other bits as well. And lots of great action in the brick n mortar shop

I went outside this morning and smelled some crisp fall air. Already the dull roar of cars headed off to work and school filled the background, but i pretended it was waves. The moon was still out though,,, it’s a halfy right now. Along with a few stars and I think some satelites.

This is week two at grass hut for “Spooky Shop” so there will be some new goodies over there. I’ll put the new boris pint glasses here though too.

I will not be going to Comic con NYCC (still haven’t made it) or APE (I really miss it) as I prepare for my show at Cotton Candy Machine in Brookyln next month, and another adventure in Boston in December. Good times are upon us.

Went skateboarding last night for a bit. Folks call it switch or just riding the other way these days, I spent a little time “riding backwards” I’m such a goober. Going fakie makes me a little nausiated. I’ll keep working on it. Bearturds is rolling along. Doing a tool for Mabasi, a Swiss skatetool company, and working on the third shape for the next in the WTF of life with Bearturds decks. This one is titled “The Little Wallbanger”. Do most of my bearturds posting here these days

Miki Dewey the Tapir is coming along swell. I received the test shot last week, and it looks stellar. First color will be rootbeer trans with (maybe) gold glitter in the vinyl. How boy. We’ll shoot for november. We are also starting work on a set of blind box minis. More on that later.

Trading Cards that were supposed to be ready for SDCC are finally going to the printer… and maybe ready for the Graphic Novel Expo I’ll be there sharing a table with Zack Soto and Jason from Floating World.

Ok- time to go paint some toys. Have a great flippin’ week.


boris the bee at grass hut tomorrow

some news bits

got some awesome mail today. Test shot of miki Dewey the tapir. Pretty stoked about how he/she is looking. Maybe a november release with some resin customs beforehand.

Finished painting these little dudes today. this is the october Spooky shop release for boris the bee. These will be available on the Gh site not here, along with new boris pint glasses, and boris round stickers. Still waiting on the last two bits there.