Monthly Archive for November, 2012

Boris is up and sold out. Now you gotta wait for the painted version.

Thanks to everybody that ordered a boris yesterday.

I gotta go run some errands… so instead of being late and making you wait. here he is a little early.

Customs are up too.


Sunburst Boris this friday at noon

This friday at noon pacific here-
I’m setting sunburst boris out into the wild.
Thee winter bone is upon us. Boris is hella bummed about hibernation and missing christmas and new years. Boris ain’t no loafer though. So he flew up into the night sky and grabbed the sun. It’s hot. It hurts, and it’s neon orange.
This unpainted neon orange Boris comes with a signed and numbered giclee mini print on archival bamboo (yes bamboo) paper.

Things I know and think i know about boris.
Boris is still a pup, but old enough to live on his own… about 5 in human years.
He lives on the other side of the fence on the southside of Randall’s Scrapyard in a tree.
usually Randall and Boris are in constant battle, but occasionally they get a little liquered up and play some cards.
Boris spends a great deal of time protecting his honey from randall. “Dude. Why don’t you just move away so he doesn’t bug you anymore.”
“PFFFFT… why doesn’t randall move his scrapyard somewhere else?”
More here-
Let me know if you need anything or have other questions you want answered.

Tapir today sloth later…

for today’s release go to the grass hut forum for the Tapir exclusive.

I’m still waiting on an arrival date for the sloths… so rootbeer tapir is today’s magic.

black moth power sloth and rootbeer tapir

This friday… a certain certain type of friday we will offer up the new black moth power sloth at noon pacific. here. and if you wanna get in on some more wild animal action. Head over to the grass hut forums and get on the list for ye olde very first release of miki dewey done up in clear rootbeer vinyl with gold glitter. ALL UP IN IT.

Saturday morning fun…

So if you read the last post… I had a big pickle of a load to do. I think i really overdid it. Cause now I messed up my back.

Want to play and work on my studio… but instead today I’ll lay in bed. Play some lego and watch movies.

Let’s have some more fun today. today only, take 25% off anything or anythings totalling over $100 bones. Discount taken after the sale as my website doesn’t understand my sale tactics.

In other news… started working on my stuff for FOE in Northhampton “high Party” Having lots of fun with this. even with a messed up back.

Good Morning.

Back from New York. And SmartCar Context thing at the ACE here in Portland is done… What can I say, well… holy hell that was a couple of crazy weeks. I did a room for smartcar at the ACE Hotel… made this sorta Aurora Borealis thing where you drive a wooden car thru the forest. Turn the wheel and activate the Rainbow Machine. Plus I got to design a smartcar… don’t know where that thing is going. Thanks so much to Alissa and Scrappers and a small pile of other folks. Without Scrappers I don’t know if we woulda made it happen. John Askew from Tracker fame put together some awesome tunes for the room too. Fun project.

New York. The show at Cotton Candy Machine looks great. It’s up for another three weeks or so. Lots of rad art from different folks. give them a hollar if you wanna peek.

Taking a tall day of rest. Aside from a lotta fun sanding hammering painting, walking thru blizzards, looking at dinosaur bones, seeing friends, carrying bed frames and everything else you can think of up and down flights of stairs… I also got a pretty gnarly cold. The post admission price for too much work and fun.

No releases this friday. Next friday… maybe some sloths? We are waiting on several bits of radness that should happen before the end of the year. Black sloth, rootbeer tapir, micro sets from Gargamel, and bonus bonus points… my Mini silk screen trading prints.

Rolling Thunder Tonight at Cotton Candy Machine


with some friends… Scrappers, Martin Ontiveros, Kiyoshi Nakazawa, Alex Chiu, Tripper Dungan, Shawn Wolfe, Oliver Hibert, Arbito, Le Merde, Chanmen, Spencer Hibert, Ferris Plock, Uglydoll and APAK. Party tonight in Brooklyn NY… Cotton Candy Machine.

this friday and this sunday

quick little post this morning. this friday I have a show with some friends at Cotton Candy machine in brooklyn. I will be there. should be piles of fun. I’ll be doing a little mural work there too.

This sunday There is a bigtime fun event at the Ace hotel here in portland. Smartcar is sponsoring the event. look out for a bwana-ized smartcar running around town. Working on a ridiculous room for the event. Scrappers is helping me a lot to get a wooden smartcar that drives a rainbow. yes… drives a rainbow in the room.