Monthly Archive for January, 2013

Dip and slip sloth n moths this friday at 11am pacific

I am making 21 new sloths, a nice handpaint edition with hand painted headers too. Work in progress pics here.

I put six more six packs up for the sixpack blow out

After those sell out i think they might be toast. I’ll have to recount again.

Killers are up in ye olde shoppe.

Killers are done and in hand.

The Killers are almost done. Putting the finishing touches on the customs now, the mini handpaint release is done and ready for take off. There will be two puppy, biggie sleeping, and T9G killer customs. Had lots of fun with these, really enjoyed working on the T9G pieces. Little mountain ranges on their tops. The glassy glossy handpaint pocket release has trans green, trans blood red, vivid pink, white, teal, purply, and moonshine sprays and handpaint on lucky bag rootbeer vinyl with a nice thick glossy coat of clear. Thanks again to Monster Color for providing the sprays. Individual handpainted header cards come with these boogers too. More pics tomorrow before the 11am release. Lots of work in progress here.

SIX PACK BLOW OUT. Go to the shop section!

Blowing out the Forest island trading prints. Single packs still same price. 6 paks are now $40 including shipping in the states and a piddley $6 international shipping. That’s $20 + hella way cheep shipping. or this way!

It’s gonna be killer next friday!

Back on track with Friday releases for a while here. I had a lot of fun painting Dolly. I really love unpainted vinyl… when i start painting them though, it feels like the toy is transformed from something static to a living breathing little creature. I can see them walking around eating drinking, getting into fights, and exploring the world they live in.

This week I will be going Killer crazy. I will have a very limited pocket release, and customs of most of the present forms of yonder Killer, including the T9G Big Boy killer. Maybe even a new original or two.

This flickr group was made ages ago by an old SARS member. Let’s get this more active again. I will be adding some photos this week.

White scar new year

white scar new year dolly is up in ye olde shop section. this one is bumpin’ at least i think so.

Lolly painted rootbeer tapir is sold out

tapir skull

I’ve been making an effort to draw or paint something everyday. Decided to put today’s offerings up in the shop. Check it out. Tell your mom.

lolly lolly lolly get your tapirs here

Gets some gobs of vinyl. Get your tapirs here.

Fuzzy ears and big butts. Get your tapirs here.

11am pacific this friday. Work in progress here. Finished him up tonite. he got a rootbeer overspray on his legs, some vivid orange over the dull orange on his blanky, ears and nose, and some turquoise on his ears and toes. Moonshine and then a glossy gloss. Still testing out my Monster colors for a signature series coming soon. My very own Bwana paint. So excited about that. picks of the finished tapir now also up on my flickr eh


Sloths sold out.

first round of black sloths are sold out. next release is painted rootbeer tapir next friday. We finally got the tapirs in so those first batch that sold as a gh message bored exclusive will finally be shipping soon. Working on the beginnin’s of epic tale. cans i do it. Maybe… if i don’t finish half and then feel like i need to redue the whole thing over from scratch. every ding dong has it’s weakness. Fun to think about new year and new stories. Wish me luck. Egg me on.