Daily Archive for January 1st, 2013

Happy New year. It’s flipping 2013

Good morning and good new year. Everybody picked up their new year calandar yet?

It’s cold but sunny here in portland… looks like it will be a fun day here.

I’m still getting over the sting of having $400 bucks worth of lego stolen off my porch. All from a special visit I got to have at the US lego headquarters in Enfield, CT. I got to see a lot of what happens in the background, and some really fun stuff like a gigantic hobbot house with giant meat and bready lego pretzels, all the pieces from the new 2013 chima line, old forgotten pharaoh statues… pantone sheets, and lots and lots of people working on computers. So…. if you see somebody running down the street with a millenium falcon, echo base, gigantic castle, and a couple lego creator sets. TACKLE! I did manage to get one of the new hobbit sets not stolen as it was in my own bags, not shipped to me.

Hoo… now that I got that off my brain. Time to be in the here and now. Today I have a release. Happy Black New Sloth Year. Black sloths have arrived and were not stolen off my porch. Yes! Black Sloth n Moth are up in the shop now. Which i started cleaning up, deleting a few sold out items.

Some new year goals… something I start thinking about early december without even knowing it. Make more epic big scale paintings, draw and make comics more, tell stories, and get at least an A-. Giving myself a solid C for 2012. Feeling like a spent a little too much time scrambling for things due the next day instead of spending time really digging into what i do. Maybe this year you will also see a few big 3-D pieces. another 12 full moons to complete the tasks at hand. Maybe first i can start with finishing the Larch mountain shack. oh… and spending a bit more time at grass hut. oh, and….