Avocado Micro blind box Today at noon.

Finally they are here. The Avocado Micros from gargamel. Le Merde, Tim Biskup, Martin Ontiveros, and Bwana Spoons (that’s me) are represented in 5 different sculpts- Killer, Boris, Hujili’s ghost, ojo Rojo, and Helper. Main group will be avocado blanks, plus a few neom pink blanks of Killer, Boris, and ojo Rojo. With a small run of handpaints, and a smaller airbrushed run, and a few customs from Martin!  these are packaged in little boxes, sealed with a sticker/stamp and come with a checklist. price will be $10 for a single, with price breaks for sixpacks, and a Bakerz Dozen. Available both here and on the Main GH site. Stay tuned to here, the GH Massage Bored, and my flickr for updates.

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