A little this and that dedicated to my love for bike & skate.

I think that only is this possible in the future… but the future is now.

German Import, Canadian Maple, Japanese toy, Portland art.

My new hessenmob deck. Hessenmob shreds. they make killer wood out of germany.

bearturds first deck in production.

Just found my old foundation graphics before they added the names and logo shinarnigans

My new hero Gou miyage. Koji Harmon showed me the video Overground Broadcasting by shop and board company Libe. I think i got that right. Anywhoo, here’s a new short clip of Gou. Thanks Koji.

round rail!

First sneak at the Good Eater Award deck for bearturds that I am making.

Went for a ride with buddy erik at Brooklyn a few days ago. It was an absolutely beautiful morning. tried getting frontside rocks. Almost there, but my body moves so freakin slow and old, that even when i don’t puss out I am sliding down to the flat by the time I am turned the direction I want to go. Still… nice to try doing some old tricks and wigglin’ my body around a bit. Picked up some Jay Howell OJ’s way to stupid hard for my street nerdles, but great in the park.

Here’s a list in somewhat fair chronological order of my life with boards. Along with my very small but significant to me history with the skate industry. Ok lett’r rip from the bottom on up.

My very first board was a green banana board, and then a rig red. I wasn’t a skateboarder but in first grade (second time around) i learned to stand up on a board, and my neighbor even took me to a cement park. I didn’t ride it, just watched. I guess I was a pretty wimpy kid from the get go.  That was in fairfield, CA. I went back to that same park years later and it was either filled or dozed. Fast forward to 6th or 7th grade and i have this weird itch to ride a skateboard. I don’t know why as there were no skaters in my little town of Oakley. Under the christmas tree. A brand new… NASH, turdballs… as a month later my buddy got an SMA, soon after followed my first real deck, an Alva Fish. Something about it just spoke to me. the shape was wack, and it had airbrushed stripes on the bottom. I was hooked. I got Eddie Reategui’s autograph at the Capitola Street Classic and I was hooked on Alva for the long haul.

On a note so sidey side note that was the birth of awesome for me. the first time seeing pros and ams shredding in person, Tommy, Steve Olson, and a nice handful of others completely ripping down that hill. I think Gonz did a method over a car at the bottm> Is that right? All of us little nerds chasing Gonz down the street and then watching more dudes rip at Derby. I rode it, but sucked ass and mostly just got in peoples way.

Ok back to the boards- next up was An Alva Eddie Reategui Dolphin, a Dagger tail, A Zorlac Craig Johnson- brown with the little voodoo doll, a schmitt Stix Ripsaw, Somewhere in there a very short lived G&S Billy Ruff, another short lived Eric Dressen Dogtown too flat and the broke within a week, and then onto a pile of John Thomas Decks, a Dogtown Scott Oster, Something from Concrete Jungle which felt too giant for me at the time. By now I am a Junior in high School and I get the bold idea to start writing to skate companies. i write two letters- One to Thunder, which granted a nice letter back from Shrewgy and a big stack of stickers and a keep up the good work.  the other letter I write to Alva gets me a phone call from Dave Duncan. He sees something in my art and we start going back and forth a bit with some graphic ideas. I’m in high school and freaking out that I’m talking to Dave Duncan, let alone might get to do some graphics for Alva. Problem is I can’t ink worth shit, don’t even understand how i would go about it yet. So i am sending him these pencil drawings and shitty ink drawings. After a round or two he pics out a graphic I made for Craig Johnson, again crappy inks, so he has Guf redraw it for me and my first board graphic is done. Problem with my 2011 brain is i can’t remember which one it is. i have a feeling it’s the one with the gringo rasta dude coming out of the cactus fire, not the other one sitting by the fire with the stack of armadillos. Dave tries in vain to pay me money but all i want is free shit, so he sends me off a nice box of decks and goodies and it’s christmas for me. I go another couple rounds of dif drawings with Alva but we never work anything out. I’m still stoked as I have a load of Alva decks to ride, around this time i am rolling mostly on Chris Cook’s and I remember learning ollie shve-its and kickflips on a Jef Hartsell before snapping it.

I graduate high school and move to SF, where just a few months after I move there I am skating with new friend chris johanson, who somehow already knows everybody. I think he is a few years older than me and already knows SF spots. We start skating this bank in the mission and we run into- Shrewgy who invites me to visit the offices of Thunder. While we are there he introduces me to Jim Muir ( I freak out again). Jim is looking for some new graphics, and thus starts my illustriuos and semi short lived career with Dogtown crappy new school graphics SF days. I can ink a little better now. and do some not so awesome graphics for- karma Tsocheff, John Fab, Red Dog, and possibly Steve Salisian, and maybe a few others, along with a top graphic of a piggy jumping over a fire hydrant. Dogtown takes a dive, and DTS partner keith starts up think with Greg Carroll. i try some stuff with think but it’s not really my style and my style wasn’t their style so nothing gets off the ground with them. Keith was running Venture trucks then though and he ended up using a graphic i did for boxer shorts, and i think maybe a tee. Right around this time I also meet Lance Dawes and Mr element and get to make some one page comics for Slap in its first year, back when it was oversized and newsprinty.

Swiped this image from wheelbite’s collection. Now just need to score my own Craig johnson Loco Gringo Lives or Natty as they say.

Things change, i make zines, make new friends and don’t end up doing any graphics again til early 2000’s when Dave the Chimp introduces me to Hessenmob a german skate company. I make a Portland Signature deck for them.And a graphic for a swetshirt. a year or two later I do a collab deck for them with APAK. Soon after I do some shoes with Converse and get to art direct a bit with friends Cupco And Yukinori Dehara. Somewhere around here I do some live painting for Adidas, and Vans- along with a shoebag, and a print ad and some random rad work with Nike 6.0

Another year passes and Dalek hooks me up with Dekline shoes out of San Diego. I get to work with August doing 4 seasons of signature shoes with Dekline, they even made a jacket with killer on the back. During this time I get to meet Todd Swank (again again I am so stoked meeting a legend and rad artist).  I get to do a board series for Foundation and a tee. fats forward to year 2011 and I have another pair or two signature shoes out with DC, and I get to have some killer artshows and a small armada of tees with Hurley US, and Japan that start popping up mostly next year.

And bonus points along with skating a bit more recently what gave me the inspiration to start this blogger- I just finished the graphic for another signature board with Hessenmob that will drop spring 2012, and will come with a micro killer packaged in there. thinking about doing my own run of decks for summer 2012 as well.

Thanks to all my friends and peeples that gave me chances along the way to be a minor minor player in the skate community. I’ll add some pics and links i nthe coming days r weeks and whatnots. I’m on the hunt for my old graphics Dogtown and Alva and such. any leads or good pics highly appreciated.

I had a moment of brilliance when i was going to call this blogger “Ratlog”, but went with the more upscale “bearturds” also the name of my fake bike company.

Above is me on my ramp in my backyard in Fort Bragg/Mendocino. I think this is after we got the second ply on, but we skated it quite a bit with Just one ply. Wearing an alva shirt. I think in high school most of my wardrobe, that wasn’t bought at a thrift store consisted of alva and thunder shirts.