Good Morning.

Back from New York. And SmartCar Context thing at the ACE here in Portland is done… What can I say, well… holy hell that was a couple of crazy weeks. I did a room for smartcar at the ACE Hotel… made this sorta Aurora Borealis thing where you drive a wooden car thru the forest. Turn the wheel and activate the Rainbow Machine. Plus I got to design a smartcar… don’t know where that thing is going. Thanks so much to Alissa and Scrappers and a small pile of other folks. Without Scrappers I don’t know if we woulda made it happen. John Askew from Tracker fame put together some awesome tunes for the room too. Fun project.

New York. The show at Cotton Candy Machine looks great. It’s up for another three weeks or so. Lots of rad art from different folks. give them a hollar if you wanna peek.

Taking a tall day of rest. Aside from a lotta fun sanding hammering painting, walking thru blizzards, looking at dinosaur bones, seeing friends, carrying bed frames and everything else you can think of up and down flights of stairs… I also got a pretty gnarly cold. The post admission price for too much work and fun.

No releases this friday. Next friday… maybe some sloths? We are waiting on several bits of radness that should happen before the end of the year. Black sloth, rootbeer tapir, micro sets from Gargamel, and bonus bonus points… my Mini silk screen trading prints.

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