Hugetackular day Friday the 14th

No not the end of the earth… or the coming of a new age. Word on the street it will be the age of the Honeypeople, which is great for me since about 30% of my entire body is made out of honey.

December 14th is a double wammy. I have a new solo show opening up at FOE in Northampton Mass., and it’s the release of my FOREST ISLAND TRADING PRINT SET. There are 24 different prints. these are 3 color silk screen by Tiny Spoon (no relation) on 3×5 heavy archival paper. They look nice eh.

These are packaged blind 6 prints in a package with a fancy die-cut sticker, and a pog aka menko card. Bonus points i put no less than 12 lotto prize packages inside. Zine pile, test shot tapir, killer, globby, and original art are just a few of the secret prize cards randomly put into the packages. Double up onus points the package includes my first lino cut on the outisde. Steven either hanging from or standing on the moon. you decide. These will run for $12 each, and there will be deals for sixpacks, 12 packs, and cases. Side not- non of which will guarantee a full set. these are truly blind package and i have no idea what will be in what.

there are a total of 305 packages… you can figure out your odds for bonus greatness.

Collect them all or just your favs, trade them with your buddies or use them as stocking stuffers and emergency gift rations.

Pieces ordered on the 14th will ship same day so you get them in time for the holidays. After the 14th we will do our best.

Here’s a set on flickr with all the damage recorded thus far.

Triple bonus points- If your on the east coast we will be doing an annonymous QandA at FOE the night before the opening. If I have time I will do a special something for those that show up both nights.

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