SARS membership deal.

Let’s call this the sars two for one membership deal.

From now until all the extras are gone you get a second sars tee. 2 for 1 eh. All new members will get the new marty magician tee and one of the older sars tees. Availability depends on yer size. mediums is what i have the least of… if i run out of the extra tee in your size then you will still get an extra tee, just might be another design. probably a bearturds tee.

What do i get wit ha SARS membership. Well… you get lots of news and advance warning about what’s going on with toy, skateboard, paintings, prints and all things Bwana related (That’s me). occasional exclusives, and sometimes special sales, deals, first dibs, free shipping sometimes. Stuff like that.

The membership is good for the life of the Skulls And Rainbones Society. Which could be another couple years or 3 decades. Sometimes I send out news once or twice a week, sometimes it’s about once a month or even less. lately it’s been about once a week. Deal ends when i say so.


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