Sunburst Boris this friday at noon

This friday at noon pacific here-
I’m setting sunburst boris out into the wild.
Thee winter bone is upon us. Boris is hella bummed about hibernation and missing christmas and new years. Boris ain’t no loafer though. So he flew up into the night sky and grabbed the sun. It’s hot. It hurts, and it’s neon orange.
This unpainted neon orange Boris comes with a signed and numbered giclee mini print on archival bamboo (yes bamboo) paper.

Things I know and think i know about boris.
Boris is still a pup, but old enough to live on his own… about 5 in human years.
He lives on the other side of the fence on the southside of Randall’s Scrapyard in a tree.
usually Randall and Boris are in constant battle, but occasionally they get a little liquered up and play some cards.
Boris spends a great deal of time protecting his honey from randall. “Dude. Why don’t you just move away so he doesn’t bug you anymore.”
“PFFFFT… why doesn’t randall move his scrapyard somewhere else?”
More here-
Let me know if you need anything or have other questions you want answered.

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